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WEEKLY CLASSES (updated Sep 2022)

Image by Frank Romero


Salsa is one of the most popular dance styles in the world - and it's easy to see why! Looking for a hobby that's lots of fun, will get you moving and keep you fit, boost your mood, co-ordination and confidence and have you meeting lots of like minded people? Look no further! 

Our fun & sociable classes focus on building good dance skills from the ground up, working on core techniques, musicality & partnering whilst building up your repertoire...and keeping the cheeky spirit of salsa alive not taking ourselves tooooo seriously!

No partner required as we regularly swap to practice lead and follow! 

Monday nights at The Maude, Leek

6.15pm Beginners, 7.15pm Improvers & Intermediates

Booking required - click HERE to reserve your spot now!


A fun workout that doesn't take itself too seriously- you'll be so busy dancing it doesn't feel like hard work! A whole host of dances from Ballroom, Latin and Salsa to Argentine Tango, Bollywood, Belly Dance and more...anything goes!! If you love to move to the music come and join us, let your hair down and move your body! 

Please note if you have any health concerns that may affect you exercising we advise you to speak to your doctor before coming along and be sure to alert your instructor.

Tuesday nights at The Maude, Leek

6.30pm All levels (work at your own pace)

Booking required - click HERE to reserve your spot now!

Zumba Class
Sparkly Dress


Strictly fan? Or simply love the grace and elegance of ballroom and the fiery latin dances? Come and give it a go! We'll break down everything step by step to make it easy to learn. Dances include Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Viennese, Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso & Jive...with the occasional sequence dance thrown in!

No partner required as we will swap partners and practice alone too! 

Tuesday nights at The Maude, Leek

7.45pm Beginners & Improvers

Booking required - click HERE to book your spot now!

Not found what you're looking for? I also teach Argentine Tango, Wedding Dances, Bollywood and beginner Belly Dance!

Contact me to enquire about private tuition or booking an instructor for your event!

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