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Dance, rhythm & fitness tuition in Staffordshire


What should I wear?

Something comfortable that won't restrict your movement, remember you'll be raising your arms above your head! You don't want to get too warm once you get going or let your muscles cool down too quickly afterwards so an extra layer is a good idea. Smart casual is a guide for our dance classes and fitness clothing for our Fitsteps classes.

What about footwear?

In all our dance styles being able to turn your feet in your shoes is important. Shoes that don't have too much grip will help you with this and protect your knees when you try to twist your feet.


You may wear heels if you are used to walking in them but avoid stillettos and anything higher than 3 inches!! If you decide to come regularly investing in a good pair of dance shoes with a suede sole can make a world of difference! Please ask us for advice and we can point you in the right direction as not all dance shops cater for ballroom & latin dance and online shops & ebay can be a minefield!


Flat shoes are best for these styles to help with the hip movements, and any bouncing or stamping!! We have a limited supply of suitable shoes available that have a suede sole for easy turns – get them while you can!


Dance or Zumba trainers are of course ideal, alternatively look for trainers that have a turning spot or allow you to twist your feet (for example basketball trainers). We also heard of something called DanceSocks which slip over the top of your trainers to modify them! Shoes designed to stop your feet from twisting (eg walking shoes) can cause knee and back pain if you try to twist and turn in them.

Can I bring my own drinks?

In most cases yes you can but please check the appropriate venue page. It's important to keep hydrated so make sure to drink plenty. We offer cold water for sale during our classes to help you keep your cool!

Alcohol is not permitted except on social nights or where a bar is provided.

This may seem obvious but please don't drink alcohol before class!!

What age range are your classes for?

Our adult classes are for ages 16 and over –remember it's never too late to start! Dance is a place where people from all different walks of life can come together so don't worry about age.

Do you allow spectators?

No, sorry we do not allow spectators during classes and children are not permitted to wait.

We feel this protects the relaxed atmosphere in our classes.

Think about it…would you like someone watching your first tentative steps on the dance floor?!

I have a health issue – is dance suitable for me?

Dance is a physical activity -if you have any health concerns, including pregnancy, please contact your doctor (BEFORE you come to class!) who will be able to give you the best possible advice. You will be asked to complete a health questionnaire at your first class and if there are any issues in certain cases you may need to bring a doctors note. If you have any minor aches and pains we may be able to give you advice on which moves to avoid and suitable alternatives so you don't miss out. Remember to advise us if your condition changes!

I've never danced before and/or am very nervous. Is a class situation for me?

Remember everyone on our beginner courses is in the same boat! Dance is a new skill and takes time and practice so be patient with yourself and give yourself a chance to learn. We expect everyone to be nervous when starting out and are here to make you feel at ease! You may also consider private tuition if you want to give yourself a head start or take things slower.

Don't see your question? Please feel free to contact us and ask!