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Dance, rhythm & fitness tuition in Staffordshire


Fun and feisty - Salsa is the ultimate party dance style so if you like having a good time and doing it in style you'll be right at home here! The Latin rhythms will have you swaying your hips in no time!

Salsa is all about lead and follow so you'll learn how to connect with your partner and get to swap round to hone your skills, what better way to meet new friends than on the dancefloor! You also get to learn some more Salsa club dances like Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha & more!


If you love dancing you'll LOVE Dance Fit! Combining moves and routines from ballroom, latin, and world dance to give you a fantastic workout!

All the dances are done solo so no partner needed.


Come and try your hand at the beautiful ballroom dances and fiery latin moves seen on Strictly Come Dancing! If you've every dreamed of waltzing around the floor or sashaying your way through a cha cha then this could be your chance to learn! Ballroom is mine and Matt's specialty so join us for some of our absolute favourite dances! Classes will be fun & friendly with a focus on good basic technique, and being able to lead and follow your way around a dance floor with your new moves!


Vibrant and colourful, Bollywood is all about telling stories so each dance brings something different…a party, a love song, even tragedy! We could be bouncing to some bhangra beats, chilling out with some traditional hand positions or grooving away to something more modern! Not just for the ladies – there's plenty for the gents too!

Explore your imagination and your curiosity with this rich and varied dance style.


Steeped in history, this ancient art form will have you connecting with your body in a whole new way! Dance for YOU, enjoy feeling the music and the movement of your body and get lost in the intoxicating rhythms!

No belly baring required!!

Synchroniticy dance are proud to bring you Bollywood & Belly Dance classes in association with Aim to Dance (Sheffield) with some fabulous original choreography by Nisha Lall! Check out her website here.


A beautiful, sultry partner dance...full of passion! Try your hand at some fancy footwork and discover all about ochos, ganchos and more! Most show routines you might see on TV seem very fast and intricate with lots of lifts - very impressive and inspirational but please don't be put off by the speed and agility! Not only is the pace normally a little more sedate for social dancing, we take things right from the beginning nice and none of those kicks end up where they shouldn't!!!